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I’ve been waiting so long To feel this way Swept away That shaky, sickening feeling That is desire rising inside I’ve been aching for your hands To roam over soft skin Clever fingers Finding all my secrets And slowly setting them free I’ve been longing for your taste Your drugging kisses Covering my mouth My […]

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Xia Mei Jiang

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Xia Mei Jiang


re-live your dreams .

I had felt tortured all evening.  Kelly was sweet and grateful for her new lingerie, and snuggled up to me as we watched TV.  My erection had never abated, and I was painfully aware of it the entire time.  When her even breathing finally told me she was sound asleep, I carefully eased my swollen member out of my trousers for some relief.  I didn’t dare do more with her sleeping on my shoulder, so I prepared to carry her off to bed.  As I turned, her body shifted, and her robe fell open.  I caught my breath when I saw that she was still wearing the new bra.  Carefully I opened the robe a little more and saw her abundant breasts barely contained by the satin and lace cups.  They were lovely, such soft fair skin, and so beautifully shaped.  I watched them rise and fall gently with her breathing.  Finally…

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GUY of the MONTH!


I stared deeply into something loveable. He had a His six-foot three-inch frame was topped off by shiny black hair and blue eyes that captured swimmer’s build with wide shoulders that tapered down to a 30 inch waist. I would watch his firm bum, held taut by his CK briefs, as he headed down the hall to the bath. He appeared to be totally unaware of the fact I was awestruck by his figure. Sometimes he would pause and say “good morning “unfortunately I was barely able to answer as my concentration was transfixed upon his body, mainly his bulge in his pants.
Occasionally I was privileged to enter the shower at a similar time. Nervously I would eye him through side vision as he soaped between his thighs and tugged on his long slender tool. He appeared to know I was watching and always put on a show, running his…

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Love Theory

Love Theory

Daren Valis

A guru once said that passion is not love
And only from possession comes suffering
As with attachment comes sorrow;
That a lover should be happy with contemplation.

I believed his words while you were here
With no reason to prove otherwise,
Until the day you changed your fate
And I realized how wrong my mind was.

In that day I questioned everything in a violent scream
And my heart was ruined with the thought
That I have not loved you, but only possessed you.

But quickly my mind was changed
Because I knew to be guilty of both ideas;
That I had possessed you with passion,
But I would let you go with love.

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Subconscious Sex

Subconscious Sex

Daren Valis

In the soft night wrapped in lust
We slept after a long time away,
And still with eyes shut
Our lips were already finding their way.

Our hands were working alone,
Undressing our clothes and touching our skin
And our fingers were sliding by their own
Igniting our senses within.

By flames we were consumed
And our bodies were melting into eachother
When we finally woke up and realized
Already were were making love to one another.

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20170104 – Photo — Pin Up Art PINUP

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